We are a couple of creative developers that spend our time roaming around the world pursuing our passions. We both grew up in the Milwaukee area, but we have now made it to nearly every corner of the world.

From Sydney, to Montevideo, to New York, Singapore, Moscow, and back again. We are on our way across the globe, learning as much as we can, so we can help bring a global point of view to any problems we may find.

If you are looking for a partner to help you solve a problem, then you have come to the right place.


We have helped out with a number of projects over the last few years. Our specialty lies in the automation of organizational processes, and a lot of our projects reflect this. We tend to work with people for a long period of time with well structured and thought out phases on how to make their lives easier. Some of these are not quite ready to be publicly available, but we like to talk about them anyways.

If you would like any specific details on specs, or access to some of these apps then do not hesitate to ask! We are willing to share any information on our projects outside of any NDAs that we may be obliged to.


This is a very large project that we have been involved with, since its inception. The goal of the app is to help people learn the Chinese language. This means that we had to build an AI to represent the Mandarin language, which ended up being one of most interesting algorithms we have built. We are currently running a public beta for the app, and you are more than welcome to join us! Head on over to their site to get started.

Project Athenia

This project is very much a work in progress, but it is fundamentally our most important project. We started building this within the last couple years, and it serves as the root to most of our projects. Our ultimate goal with this is to create an expandable open source base application that anyone can use. This will then allow people to automate the formation, operations, and expansion of any organization. Currently we have a system that allows us to create an app with wiki, voting, messaging, authentication, and subscription systems within a few days.

Right now we are adding features that will allow us to rapidly create social media systems. We are always finding new features to add to this, and we are very enthusiastic to work on any project that allows us to be expand this.

MAP Energy

Not all of our projects are giant automation systems. Some of our projects are simple websites, and we are pretty good at that too. MAP came to us looking to create a new website, so they could replace their ten year old website. The result was a very clean, very simple site that allows them to have a perfect online representation for their needs.

SGC International

SGC International is a non-profit organization who holds a yearly conference to help promote and grow the print making community. We started off by helping them a few years ago by rescuing an existing project. We then moved on to help them organize, and improve all of their tech. Last year we helped rebuild their entire system, and organize all of their member’s data into a single system. We also helped them build a mobile app that allows their members to customize their conference schedule, and connect with each other through a basic social media setup.

We continue to help them make their organization more efficient by helping them automate their problems away.

Plato Electronics

This is another project that we have been involved with for a while. The website is one of our more simple websites, but we have also done a number of additional projects. This includes building numerosos Arduino micro controllers for controlling various pieces of hardware. Along with that we also built both mobile and wearable apps that communicated with an Arduino to display detailed information. Most of these projects are under strict NDA, so the details are a bit of a secret. However, if you are looking for capable Arduino developers then you have come to the right place! These are some of our favorite projects to work on.

Small Shops United

This is another one of our long term projects. We currently maintain the API, website, and a mobile app. We also helped them build and migrate to the current version of their API. This app allows merchants throughout the Milwaukee area to have a shared loyalty program. It also helps promote those same business throughout the whole program. If you are in the Milwaukee are we highly recommend that you support the project.

Trade Skills Academy

This is one of our works in progress that we are very excited about. Eventually this will be an open learning platform that will allow people to learn new skills, and share their own. The coding is all wrapped up for our first beta, and we are currently wrapping up the first course. We are currently accepting applications for student and educator beta access! Head on over to the project’s website to apply.

RD Custom Automation

With this project, we helped out with the extensive animations that you see on the site. We helped with both the design and the implementation of all of the animations seen on the home page. The main page of this site is a great example of our front end skills. Most of these animations are done through pure CSS and SVG’s with a very small amount of vanilla Javascript to kick off some of the animations. We also helped with everything interactive on this site, so flip through to see the whole thing.

Our Services

We have a model for our services that gives proven results, and helps automate the most time consuming parts of organizational systems. Our model follows a series of well understandable steps, and it is designed to help our clients know exactly what is going on at all times.


When we first have a new client come to use we always need to have our initial introduction. In this period we will always have a handful of meetings in order to ensure that we completely understand our client’s needs. In these meetings we will be asking a ton of questions about your organization in order to identify places where you are losing time, and in order to gain a full understanding of your needs. We also get all of our NDA’s setup at this point, so that we can move forward knowing that neither of us are going to divulge any of the pieces we are working on without the other one knowing.

Design Documents

Once we have a good idea of a client’s needs it is then time for us to start working on our plans to build whatever it is we need to build. This will include sitting down, and writing something called a design document that will explicitly say everything we will be doing. This is a great time for us to figure out exactly how much time the project will take, as well as how many pieces we have not entirely thought through yet. Before we even write a single line of code we like to know exactly how much code we need to write. By the time this process is complete we will know every single piece of data that we need to create, and every single page we will need have.

Work Orders

Now that we know what we are building we then start scoping out all of the work. While doing this we put together something called a work order, which acts as our contract while we complete the project. This contract will contain a list of every single piece we need to create, and it will have an exact price on how much each piece will be. Each work order will also have a series of milestones with associated payments, so you know exactly how much you have to pay as we complete your project.

Building Your App

Once we have all of our paper work done, it is then time to build your app! We build everything in phases, which always correspond to line items in the work order. We always start by setting up our application, or running any updates needed on an app that may already exist. Then we create everything we need to interact with our data, so that we can immediately jump into building our user interactions without constantly needing to switch focus. Once all of the pieces from our work order have been put in place, we then enter our testing stage. This stage can vary in length depending upon how large the project was, but this is when you can start playing with your app as much as you want. Once we have all of our bugs taken care of we can then officially mark the project as completed!

Project Completion

Once the project is complete we then start looking at what to do next! When we get to this point we are ready for you to use your app to service your customers as much as you want. However, we often find more features to add while working, so now is the time for us to beginning thinking about the next project. We make sure to do all of our work far away from your production app, so we can keep adding any feature you may require. We often spend years repeating the above process with our clients as we work together to build robust systems.

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